2016 is off to a great start! It gives us great pleasure to welcome the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson to Underground PR's client roster. We look forward to being a vital part of BGCC's organization and its upcoming endeavors.

BGCC's Mission & Vision
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson's mission is to provide a safe and fun environment that encourages members to be themselves. BGCC also inspires youth to achieve academic success, healthy lifestyle choices and character and citizenship programs. By collaborating with numerous corporations and organizations, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson can "ensure that 100 [percent] of the youth being served are on track to graduate on time, be healthy and active, as well as give back to their community."
BGCC's Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development are: 
      1.   Creating a safe, positive environment
      2.   Having fun
      3.   Developing supportive relationships with caring adults
      4.   Offering opportunities for and having high expectations of members
      5.   Recognizing members for who they are and their achievements

Recent BGCC News
Saturday, Feb. 27, several members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson got a chance to meet actor/comedian Kevin Hart at the Grove, during a health rally sponsored by Rally Health. During the event, Hart aided volunteers in assembling 200 bikes donated by Diamondback Bicycles. The purpose of the Rally Health Fest was to promote healthy lifestyles. As a result, a number of bikes were donated to members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson. Offering after-school programs to over 5,000 children throughout the year, many members of BGCC come from low-income, single-parent households. For this reason, members were given bikes to encourage healthy living.

What's new at upr?

Underground PR is proud to announce that Kanishia Jackson, Owner and Sr. PR Practitioner is now serving on the board of I Am... as the Director of Marketing. 

I Am... is a non-profit organization whose mission statement is "...to motivate, inspire and change the perception of various communities regarding the access of information as it relates to advancement opportunities, while focusing on the power of the voice "I Am" and to provide outreach services to disadvantaged communities."

The organization was founded by two friends, Ricsyhelle Davis and Rhonda Brent who had an idea to provide opportunities for women to have the ability to help each other in business, as well as market themselves through empowerment workshops allowing their services to be recognized in their communities.  The idea originated through the belief that "I Am" derives from empowering light within ourselves.

Music is a Part of Everyday Life

Public relations * Event Planning * consulting

KhyKel Music Enterprises (KME) and The Beat Series (TBS), together with Underground PR created a campaign surrounding the importance of music and how it affects our everyday lives. The initiative was designed to engage and evoke the minds of individuals (particularly children).

The MIAPOEL Campaign kicked off with a music workshop entitled "Make Money and do Business Workshop." The workshop provided educational elements about the music industry, while offering a hands-on approach allowing attendees to participate in a live studio session. 

During the holiday season, KhyKel Music Enterprises and The Beat Series gave back to underprivileged children through the "Music is a Part of Everyday Life" Toy Drive. Partnering with non-profits like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carson, Stevie Wonder's House Full of Toys and the Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center, KME and TBS administered a number of toys and used instruments to inner-city children.